Business Solutions

Automate recurring tasks

We help companies streamline processes , which is used in MS Excel. We believe that the computers and systems should be made in data collection and presentation , so that people can focus on their analysis and drawing conclusions.

Reporting systems

Preparing regular reports often takes a long time . We provide solutions that make our reports created can be done at the push of a single click. We have experience in integrating Excel directly with data warehouses and transactional systems , making our solutions can replace the current systems for reporting.

Models budgetary and feasibility studies

Thanks to the experience of working in the financial and controlling departments can offer assistance in the establishment and improvement of budget models and feasibility studies.

Interface Files

When working with data warehouses often need to prepare special interface files (eg zaczytujące budget data / forecastowe ) . This action alone does not bring any added value to the company , and can take a long time . Our solutions reduce these operations up to 99 %.

And all that can be done using Excel . See the presentation of our solutions.