OLAP cubes

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a good solution without Business Intelligence OLAP cubes.

With their main advantages - speed and ease of use - have gained great recognition among analysts.

OLAP cubes are a fundamental source of data for other elements of business intelligence - reports, dashboards and data mining.

OLAP cubes in SQL Server

OLAP cube is a multidimensional database that allows fast data analysis. They are usually a source of data warehouses that store millions of records.

Because the data is stored in a cube in a compressed, aggregated and already converted, reporting is done very quickly.

Platform SQL Server since version 2012 has been extended with new technology OLAP cubes - "in memory", which further accelerates reporting.

Very good integration with a spreadsheet allows direct access to data stored in OLAP cubes. There is no need to export data to Excel.

Why Microsoft BI?

Microsoft has been a leader in Gartners latest square in the category of Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms. Some companies have the same appearance in the square they consider a success. Microsoft Business Intelligence This is the result mostly positive opinions received from their customers. Spotted were also wide BI platform capabilities and very good integration with MS Excel. Experts from Gartner also appreciated the ease of adaptation solutions to organizations and user loyalty.