Data mining

Sometimes, even well-prepared reports do not give us complete information about the relationship between our data.

Data mining techniques can discover regularity hidden in our data. They are helpful in such matters as:

  • implementation of cross-selling strategy,
  • sales forecasting,
  • create targeted ads,
  • fraud detection.

What can we gain by using data mining techniques

One of the main features offered by Microsoft Business Intelligence is a market basket analysis, which allows you to examine the goods sold with other goods. This type of analysis will help in the decision to cross-selling strategy and verify its results.

There we have many advanced algorithms to help detect hidden correct type:

  • the probability of purchase of goods by the customer,
  • forecast sales for the next year,
  • prompt the customer to buy the next product,
  • determine the credit risk on the basis of characteristics of a potential customer.

Why Microsoft BI?

Microsoft has been a leader in Gartners latest square in the category of Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms. Some companies have the same appearance in the square they consider a success. Microsoft Business Intelligence This is the result mostly positive opinions received from their customers. Spotted were also wide BI platform capabilities and very good integration with MS Excel. Experts from Gartner also appreciated the ease of adaptation solutions to organizations and user loyalty.