Data Warehouse

Well-built data warehouse will provide a good foundation for the rest of the Business Intelligence.

It should provide quick access to consolidated information and serve as a data source for the OLAP cubes, reports and analyzes some "data mining".

Therefore, proper data warehouse architecture at this stage is very important as it determines the possibility of subsequent stages.

Building a data warehouse (BW)

Construction phase data warehouse is the most important part of the process for effective business intelligence platform. Depends on data integrity, data range, and their reading speed.

Performance optimization typically focuses on access to data, but it is also an important time of transformation and loading data into BW.

Implementing a data warehouse use solution on the market recognized Integration Services as part of SQL Server.

We have a Microsoft Certificate confirms the application of best practices, "Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012".

Why Microsoft BI?

Microsoft has been a leader in Gartners latest square in the category of Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms. Some companies have the same appearance in the square they consider a success. Microsoft Business Intelligence This is the result mostly positive opinions received from their customers. Spotted were also wide BI platform capabilities and very good integration with MS Excel. Experts from Gartner also appreciated the ease of adaptation solutions to organizations and user loyalty.